Playa - NAV Feat. Gunna,Reset - NAV Feat. Bryson Tiller

ResetNAV Feat. Bryson Tiller

Quotable Lyrics:
Can we just reset? (Reset)
Can we do it over from the start?
Ain’t no need to be pressed (Be pressed)
‘Cause we in the same game playing our part

Need you to give me yo’ best (Yo’ best)
I got lots of options that’s still available to me
I’m not like the rest (No way)
I look at ’em like they on a lower level to me

Glitch in the matrix, I dodge all the hate coming at me
All of my budgets no limit, they never gon’ cap me (No limit)
Every time I break your trust, I go to bed like, “Here we go again”
F**k all these h*es, make you number one and I get rid of all of them (F**k all)
I’m tryna hold it together, I don’t wanna be apart (Be apart)

Please tell me who you know better than me that gon’ play my part (Play my part)
You wondering why I be stressed, can’t get back the time I invest (Oh-oh)
Don’t keep ignoring my message, girl, you just blocking your blessings (Your blessings)

I got problems, my intention is never to break your heart (Break your heart)
You should know how you should deal with me when I show you all my cards (I show you everything)
I know you the girl of my dreams, I treat you like the queen, nothing less (Queen)
Wish you had more faith in me, feel like you don’t believe in me yet