Remember - NIGO Feat. Pop Smoke,Come On, Let's Go - NIGO & Tyler, The Creator

RememberNIGO Feat. Pop Smoke

Quotable Lyrics:
Why the fuck are you hatin’, lil’ nigga?
Lil’ nigga, I know why you hatin’, lil’ nigga
‘Cause I got that money, now you want that money
I get the clout, now you chasin’ the fact
I put VSs in all of my chains

Know how to trap, nigga, three different ways
I ain’t comin’ outside, boy, unless I get paid
Yeah, we droppin’ the fives and we droppin’ them Gs
Mr. Big EBK, boy I’ll fuck everything if you droppin’ my knot, uppin’ my knot
Opp up in Heaven, send shots to the sky
Ride for my niggas, yeah, only my guys
For my lil’ niggas, we pourin’ out liquor

I’m tryna see seven figures
I’m tryna see seven figures
Mama, no vacation but I’m on a island
Since a young nigga, we wildin’
Call up the Batman, I’m robbin’