Refugee - Lil Durk

Refugee – Lil Durk

Quotable Lyrics: Refugee – Lil Durk

I’m poppin’ a seal in Barneys
I’m signin’ a deal with a Sharpie
I went to sleep smokin’ on a Backwood and I’m burnin’ the carpet
I grew up in vacant apartments
They pressin’ up pills, retarded
They don’t even care if ni**as steady dyin’ from it, they just floodin’ the market

Off them drugs, I nodded
I’m with the killers regardless
Don’t ask me why I got a gun on me ’cause these ni**as be killin’ the artists
I fell in love with a darlin’
They steady bringin’ up charges
I went to sleep with my anklе monitor goin’ dead and I forgot to charge it