Reel Em In - PGF Nuk

Reel Em InPGF Nuk

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, uh, fishin’ for the opps, reel ’em in
You can’t trust them ni**as, all them ni**as ain’t yo’ friends
Callin’ all his friends, I got 10 to bring him in
Folks play wit’ them switches and they comе wit’ different gens

Uh, uh, fishin’ for thе opps, reel ’em in
Uh, Mooda wanna’ run up in the spot, we comin’ in
Uh, I just lost a BMW, Chase just lost a Benz
Uh, we was in a high speed, blowin’ out the trends
Uh, uh, uh

In Miami in the club, I done threw a dub
Rentin’ out them Slingshots for the guys, I was showin’ love
On Ocean Drive, meetin’ all my fans, I was givin’ hugs
Miami police smacked me on the bike, I was off the drugs
Uh, I don’t like the police think they after me

Zo’s f**kin’ h*es up in the penthouse on the balcony
You could say he dead, ’cause I swear that’s where he ’bout to be
That choppa hit his head and made him flip like a athlete Go!