Red Flag - Gucci Mane Feat. BiC Fizzle & BigWalkDog

Red FlagGucci Mane Feat. BiC Fizzle & BigWalkDog

Quotable Lyrics:
I can’t do no show without no comma, that’s a red flag (Cha-ching)
He ain’t no boss, he can’t do what he wanna, now, that’s a red flag (Nah)
Don’t confuse these carats with no pointers, that’s a red flag (Bling)

Dismiss me with that baby mama drama, now that’s a red flag (No)
Shorty got more followers than dollars, that’s a red flag (Huh?)
She say she suck the d*ck, but she don’t swallow, now, that’s a red flag (Well, damn)

B*tch, how you grown but still live with your mama? That’s a red flag (Woah)
B*tch, how you totin’ a bag without no cash? Now, that’s a red flag (Woah)

Red flag, give your Glock and a thirty (A thirty)
Get ’em in, get ’em gone in a hurry (Woo, woo)
Walk in your trap and take over your trap (Your trap)
They know I do this with a courtesy (With a courtesy)
Red flag if you ain’t ever heard of me (Ever heard of me)

I’m the one posted in the hood, where the murder be (Where the murder be)
Lil’ mama bad, with an ass like Cardi B (Like Cardi B)
She let me f**k for the free, but for you a fee (Huh)
G-Grey flag, diamond (Diamond)
Whole lotta cash from ramen (From ramen)

Plus, I can still go post in the hood
They playin’ this murder for money (Murder for money)
Ayo, Gotto, send me a hundo
I let ’em go for the low, I ain’t hidin’ (I ain’t hidin’)

Red flag if you f**k with the bags, send the blatt
Have them youngings go stay where you hidin’ (Where you at?)
No yap (No yap)
He diss, one K get slapped (Get slapped)
Two phones, one strictly trap (Straight trap)
F**ked the h*e’ and I’m kickin’ her out (Straight out)

Red flag, you ain’t gettin’ no money (No money)
You on internet, tastin’ that clout (That clout)
Red flag, you cuffin’ these h*es (These h*es)
Fly her out, my d*ck in her mouth (Yeah, I’m out)
I’m playin’

Gucci Mane Feat. BiC Fizzle & BigWalkDog