RECKLESS & RATCHET - Hit-Boy x Big Hit


“RECKLESS & RATCHET” is a high-energy collaboration between Hit-Boy and Big Hit that brings an infectious blend of hip-hop and trap to the forefront. The song is characterized by its hard-hitting beats, catchy hook, and is part of Hit-Boy’s upcoming album “Surf or Drown 2” creating a vibe that is both exhilarating and unapologetic.

“RECKLESS & RATCHET” embraces the party spirit, boasting lyrics that celebrate a carefree and wild lifestyle. The song has a celebratory vibe and features Hit-Boy’s father, Big Hit  delivering their verses with charisma and swagger, ensuring that the track stays in your head long after it’s over. With its undeniable energy and infectious melodies, “RECK-LESS & RATCHET” is a standout anthem for those seeking an unadulterated good time.
Directed & Edited by THIRDEYERAZ.