Very Special, Rap Dreams - NoCap, Shackles To Diamonds - NoCap

Rap DreamsNoCap

Quotable Lyrics:
Know my ni**a Wop prolly spinnin’ right now
Know ni**as that envy me, around me smiling
I ran up them M’s and I didn’t think about college
Ice cubes on me shining, nothing easy ’bout it
Every day I’m missing Slim, ain’t nothing easy ’bout it
It can go either way, I’m safe long as these stick around me
Aye, please don’t say what I won’t do, I’ll jump off a mountain
Ain’t talking caffeine, I’ll throw away these Rap dreams

Aye, I’m talking to the devil, blowing Angel Dust
We gave them boys the mark, how the f**k them ni**as trade on us
They speak on Fred name, how the f**k I’m supposed to leave the streets
Ni**a I’m a track killer, that’s why I f**k with Murda Beatz
Ni**as turned to opps, the same ones used to look up to me
Investing in some houses, cause this rap sh*t lame as f**k to me
Know you heard ’bout Chris, so nah, ni**a, I won’t tuck this heat

She don’t even know my songs, but say she loving me
Can someone tell me if I’m wrong, dirty cups and dirty heat
Someone gotta see the grave, that’s just how thuggin’ be
I’m in this booth, I never lie, True right on side of me
I know my momma proud of me, I’m tryna shake Promethazine