Rain On You! - JELEEL!

Rain On You!JELEEL!

Quotable Lyrics:
Pay my all, pay my dues
Ray like Charles, rain on you
Pay my dog (Yeah), pain like blues
Waste my call (JELEEL!, yeah), rain on you
Rain ain’t bad, finna go off (Huh)
She a bad thing, take your clothes off
Blazing, yeah, I’m ’bout to blow up (Huh)
It’s a rad thing when I show off

Nah, nah, no one, give no fucks
Yeah, yeah, toe touch, pick the flow up
Feel like Sosa when I’m on samosas
Damn, but I’m feeling like me
Feeling like a dog, man, feeling like Bri
Shoutout DMX, yeah, my ni**a like me
If you fight me, then you gotta die big
Pull up with my ni**as, yeah, we really grimy, slimy