Quickie - Moneybagg Yo

QuickieMoneybagg Yo

Quotable Lyrics:
That lil’ pu**y got some power, I can’t lie, it got me weak, oh
Fresh up out the shower, she look good enough to eat
That lil’ pu**y got some tricks, grip my d*ck when it squeeze
Ooh, them quickies, be the best, got my Amiris to my knees (Uh-uh)

Say she ain’t gon’ f**k on nobody if it ain’t me (For real)
At least that’s what she tell me, you know how these h*es be (For the moment)
That lil’ pu**y fire, don’t give a f**k if she lyin’
So, that lil’ pu**y call, she get somethin’ from me everytime (Time)

This got to be lust, my feelings ain’t strong as my mind
Never cut back on that lean, got high as f**k on half a line (A lil’ bit)
Came from different planets, then, one day, we intertwined
We relate on different levels, we got compatible signs (Match up)

This lil’ pu**y freaky, tryna keep this one a secret (Shh)
How the f**k I switch addictions, feelin’ like I need it
I ain’t gon’ lie, that pu**y better when her and her ni**a beefin’ (Beefin’)
Told her, “Make a wish”

“11:11” what she Tweeted, let me be your genie
Sneaky linkin’, we don’t tell it (Uh)
Kissin’, touchin’, breathin’ heavy (Uh)
Foreplay session got you ready (Go)

Beat it up, on support, domestic (No)
Ever heard of soul ties?
My life a highly rated series, this lil’ episode live