Smack DVD - SAINt JHN Feat. Kanye West

Quarantine Wifey – SAINt JHN Feat. J.I.D

Quotable Lyrics: Quarantine Wifey – SAINt JHN Feat. J.I.D

I’m just a ni**a again
Still escapin’ my feelings
I’d rather call you a friend
This sh*t is something that got me mad
It means I’m just a ni**a, oh

I’m not lookin’ for no fiancée
Sh*t, that already means I’m beyond great
I said, b*tch, I’m tryin’ to be the next Kanye
I mean the way this shit go, this a one-way
That means I came from the gutter, came a long way
Ain’t got no time for no love or no fiancée
That don’t mean in the future, in a couple months
Maybe wе could just meet up once or twice for a little lunch