Q-Pid - 2Rare Feat. Lil Durk

Q-Pid2Rare Feat. Lil Durk

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m not the ni**a you want
Ohh, I’m just being honest
Keep it a buck like Giannis
She treat me like a goddess

Tryna put it in you’re gu-u-ut
B*tch, I’m really tryna f*-*-**k
They’ll kill ’em if they runnin’ up
Like a DJ, need diamonds with my kutz

Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh
D*ck from the back all in her spine
Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh
You ain’t seein’ no money, what the f**k, is you blind?

Ain’t Patrick Mahomes, she chiefin’
I ain’t Abraham, when is we linkin’?
We hit his h*e, Sharkiesha
Put a bag on his head if he thinkin’ ’bout touchin’ me
I got the Glock, back-back you up up off of me

She wanna f**k get off of me, sike, no
Come, come on, on me, uh, you horny, see?
All in your throat, come gargle me (Smurk)
If I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’, I ain’t got no wings (Yeah, yeah)