Push Up - Ne-Yo Feat. Trippie Redd

Push UpNe-Yo Feat. Trippie Redd

Quotable Lyrics:
Baby girl, push up right on me
‘Cause I want you and I need you
Baby girl, push up right on me
It’s been some time now, it’s been a while now

Baby girl, push up, push up, push up
Push up, push up, uh, yeah
Hey, push up, push up, push up
Push up, push up, uh, ayy

Yeah, baby, come around, it’s been a minute
You know I’m only in town for a minute
I know I ain’t put it down in a minute

Baby, I ain’t heard the sounds you make when I’m in it, in a minute
So meet me at the studio, yeah, I be makin’ hits
Baby, you already know, soon as I’m done with this

Tell me where you wanna go, hop in my whip
When you kiss my lips, I get so excited
Now I need your body right now, in the backseat

Let me hit it from the back, ayy, then we smoke it back
Hit your favorite spot, let me get you something to eat
Then I gotta take you back, know I got a flight to catch, damn

You know I hate to leave, don’t shed a tear, baby
When I come back next week, push up

Ne-Yo Feat. Trippie Redd