JackBoy - Pursue My Dreams

Pursue My Dreams – JackBoy

Quotable Lyrics:
Tryna get paid, I ain’t tryna be sink
Pick the chase and I’m just swim in my dreams, uh
It ain’t nothin’ I won’t do for the team
I’m not a selfish ni**a, I wanna see everybody get green

Don’t make no move ’til I know my next find
Old soul, I’m ahead of my time
Still on my grind, I still ain’t reach my prime
Even though I made a millions dollars of these rhymes

I made a million bust, they said I was lucky (Lucky)
I got a million opps, but none of them want touch me
Want me to fold, but I won’t sell my soul
Won’t break the code, I rather be back sellin’ in dope

Back to back, they not tryna make me a prophet
Back the round, around town with a rocket
Uh, I burnt the bridge then I jumped on a yacht
I’m on a whole different wave, ain’t no takin’ my spot

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