Purple Stamp - Kodak Black

Purple StampKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
I still got them purple stamps, I run with the murder camp
Ain’t through with the Perkys yet, I’m still poppin’ Perkys, I keep poppin’ Perkys
Might f**k ’round and overdose

They gave up on fourth and goal
I was stressin’ for twenty months
I came home and killed the ho, twenty-one
Twеnty-one, b*tch, I’m a savage, baby
Gucci on me likе I’m Radric Davis
I put a stash in the ‘frigerator

Hope they don’t think they intimidatin’
Yeah, I might pull up with Becky G
I was rich, I was seventeen
They was callin’ my destiny, you can go and ask Stephanie
She was callin’ me pressure back when I was little
Even though they be hatin’, they see the potential
My family big and I grew up ’round killers

Even though I’ma kid, I’ma go get my man
I hit the strip, I’ma f**k off some bands
I got me a lil’ b*tch, I don’t f**k all my fans
R.I.P. Prince, I’m with purple like LJ
F**k what you heard, I don’t care ’bout no here say
She comin’ like ándale