Purge Me - NBA Youngboy

Purge MeNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Mmm, headache from me hurtin’
This Percocet ain’t workin’
Hope that you won’t do me dirty, yeah
I drink lean out the bottle

Soul flying rotto, from the bottom, I’ma shine up
I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me
I ain’t seen you yet, I ain’t worried
I got choppas on the seat, I ain’t worried
Got my daughter upstairs, please don’t try to purge me

Yeah, baby, I’m a demon, I be high as I could be, yeah
Man, I miss my ni**as, I’m by myself, I’m drinkin’ lean
Can’t run out, I need more potion
No, I ain’t the only one that’s hurtin’

I can’t say some things right now, but you know one thing’s for certain
I f**k with you, that’s why I pulled up with you, you know
You don’t notice everything that you do
Shе want that coupe I bought it, I’m in her head
You do what you do, I’m ’bout it

Now, you go ahеad
I’m a young ni**a, I got big Benjis
Uh, came up, I ain’t goin’ broke no more
Gotta make sure they know, oh-oh
Got four-eight b*tches, stay out my business
I ain’t goin’ outside, I bet I know
I say, “Oh no,” oh-oh

From the top to the bottom
Know you better watch out, I’m a goblin
Grave digger, I want all the problems
Pallbearer, we handle they body
Get it poppin’, she know how I’m rockin’

She don’t know, but she know all about it
Stick beside me, I’m floodin’ her body
Everything that I buy is exotic (Woah-woah)
How you feel when you with me?

Mmm, up the pole, this drip from overseas
Lay you down and strip you out your jeans, ahh
I won’t hurt you, just don’t plan on hurtin’ me, ah

NBA Youngboy