Pull Up Actin - YoungBoy Never Broke Again Feat. P Yungin

Pull Up ActinYoungBoy Never Broke Again Feat. P Yungin

Quotable Lyrics:
Pull up acting, I got diamonds in my necklace, uh (In my necklace)
I got money in my pockets and I’m flexin’ ni**a (Uh, and I’m flexin’)
Tote that ratchet, I’ma blast it if you acting ni**a
Point at your head, head home if you capping, ni**a (Baow, baow)
Look I’m gone, but I got these b*tches all in my home
Pu**y ass ni**a get no dap, introduce him to my chrome
Say they bust us off the flap, we gon’ knock your head off
We gon’ lay you in yo last bed that your family bought (In yo coffin)