HOLY GHOST - Future,Like Me - Future Feat. Lil Baby & 42 Dugg,WAIT FOR U - Future Feat. Drake & Tems,Keep It Burnin - Future Feat. Kanye West


Quotable Lyrics:
G5 the flight, ni**a, can’t even see me
I’m way outta here, I’m too far in the sky
Hermès ashtray to dump my ashes
B*tch so pretty, look better than Cassie
Puffin’ on zooties and she callin’ me daddy

Walkin’ on sh*t, turn it up and I gas it
Came out the gutter, it ain’t nothin’ for me to swag it
Secure the bag, got a b*tch, I’ma bag it
Turnin’ it up, gotta make sure sh*t good
Park it, two mil’ in the middle of my hood
Drinkin’ on mud, I made it out of thе sewer

Chrome Hеart accessories, whatever, I’m good
Lot of these ni**as, they lookin’ the same
They copy my lingo, they bitin’ my chain
Championship, championship, Range just gon’ amp this sh*t
B*tch break her neck just to look at the kid

Dirty the Fanta but make it in Canada
Bro get this money like it’s my religion
It’s gon’ be a mad day, a sad day for any of these ni**as
That try to compare whatever I did
Damn near touched a hundred, it just off the gig
I came out the jungle, they kidnapped a kid

I trap out a bando, spent ten on a crib
I look at the ocean to spot thirty M’s
Pin it where I’m at, the city I’m in
I give you my fully, no matter where I’m in
Her hair touch her ass, she gon’ think she Korean
You f**kin’ me good, b*tch, you helpin’ me win

Ni**as can’t see me, ain’t no competition
Too many bracelets, need a whole ‘nother wrist
I’m never sober, don’t think I’ma quit
I pop the E, I can feel when it kick