Nobody Has To Know - Chris Brown Feat. Davido,Inner Peace - Chris Brown Feat. Anderson .Paak,Possessive - Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Yung Bleu,C.A.B. (Catch A Body) - Chris Brown Feat. Fivio Foreign,Psychic - Chris Brown Feat. Jack Harlow ,Wheels Fall Off - Chris Brown

PsychicChris Brown Feat. Jack Harlow 

Quotable Lyrics:
I wanna know how she know (Me)
And how she readin’ my mind (She)
She catch me every time
She might be psychic (Yeah)
But I like it

She know about them other girls (The freaks)
But she’s still on my mind (For weeks)
Her third eye’s always on me
Might be psychic (Yeah)
But I like it, yeah

Loosen up (Swear)
Baby, you’re a dimе, can you choose me up? (Yeah)
You know I’m not with all thе goofy stuff (Stupid)
No rush, don’t confuse yourself

I told you plenty times, I been through some stuff
A lot on my mind, yeah, time’s get rough
You give me a sign, now let me up, up high
I got the keys in the trunk

If it come down to it, would you lie for me?
Put your life on the line, cry for me?
All I’m askin’ from you is a little loyalty
All I’m askin’ from you is a little loyalty, yeah