Pussy - Latto


Pussy - Latto
Quotable Lyrics:
Girls, you can do what the guys do,
(We can do what y’all do)
And still be a lady (And still be a lady)
Girls, you can do what the guys do,
(I was worried ’bout some p*ssy, took it)
And still be a lady (Look, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh, uh)

Ni**a, who is you to clock p*ssy? (Uh)
Could barely pop p*ssy (Uh)
Ni**as kiss and tell like that sh*t is not p*ssy
Who is you to bash p*ssy? Y’all sweet ass, p*ssy
Tell ’em how you couldn’t make me climax, p*ssy

Buy the man my respect, watch he paint me as crazy
Y’all sexualize lesbians but y’all entertain me
They engage and then gossip live from they mama basement
If you don’t get a p*ssy up, then he’ll take it (F**k it)

Y’all misogynistic ways show the size of your d*ck (What?)
Seen with the opposite sex and just decide that he hit (Uh)
I ain’t your property, b*tch, get mad and call me a b*tch (Uh)
And if he make you split rent then he prolly a b*tch