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Proud Of MyselfNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayo Bans, what you cookin’?
Look, this Alice grandson, Kentrell
Yeah, that lil’ boy who you used to always tell on
I used to be jumpin’ yo’ gate, takin’ the oranges

I could tell you that I am proud of myself
I grew up hard, but that’s just the way it is
Bad boy, all the neighbors, they ain’t want me with they kids
Probably thought that I’d die, but now they see the way I live, oh-oh
I done made it ‘cross the field, that’s a touchdown
Clockin’ in, cut a ki’, got the work now
Mama know that we up now

Birkin bag full of cash, hol’ on, let’s go
They don’t like me, but I got it, I’m in it, this how it is
I was down, ain’t have nobody, I did it, I smile big
I need forgiveness for things that I did

I’m thankin’ God that he blessed me with all of my friends
I’m in the hills with all of these Ms
He don’t even ni**a smoke K-2, but I’m smokin’ this sh*t with twin
I was stressin’ over you while you wildin’ out with yo’ friends
With my brother in the coupe, go to poppin’, we shootin’ again, yeah
And I came out the cell, boy