Protect - NLE Choppa

Protect – NLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics: Protect – NLE Choppa

Yeah, NLE the Top Shotta
Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
I said I’m the booth with pneumonia symptoms
But they might say it’s Corona symptoms
Oh-oh, oh-oh, woah, oh woah, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

Reminiscin’ ’bout the old days (Old days)
Back when the Grizzlies had O.J., yeah
When I had me a bald fade, wanted all the J’s and I couldn’t get no play (And I couldn’t get no play)
Times fly by when you having fun
But back then I ain’t feel like I had nothin’
Back when a ni**a didn’t need a mask on (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
But I kept a ski mask and my cash grew long (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh woah)