private island | A COLORS SHOW - Gunna

private island | A COLORS SHOWGunna

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m just kickin’ it with a baddie, smokin’ on exotic (Yes)
Ain’t it ironic, look at me now, I used to sell narcotics (Yes)
Couldn’t sell it whole, had to break it down, but now it’s all profit (All profit)
They don’t like advice, but I know this life just ain’t for everybody
I done heard too many times you can’t get rich with no knowledge (No knowledge)
Told the shawty if she mine, then promise me you keep it solid (Keep it solid)
You know b*tches talk, but you with a boss, so we keep our business private (Business private)
He ain’t never f**ked you on a privatе island