Price Of Fame - Brent Faiyaz

Price Of FameBrent Faiyaz

Quotable Lyrics:
They just wanna take me off of here
They just wanna knock me off my square, look at that
I can’t fake a smile, it’s hard to wear
And I can’t show no love, that sh*t too rare

Is it ’cause my whip so fast you don’t see no flaws? (Whew, whew, whew)
Is it ’cause my b*tch so bad she blew you off? Look at that
All of the things they want

And don’t know why they want it (I know, look)
They don’t wanna give you time to heal
They just wanna bleed you dry, for real

And if you’re comfortable (Yeah), don’t let no one know
They’ll f**k it up (I know), that’s right (Ayy, yeah-ayy), look

(The fame) I swear it isn’t everything
(Glitz and glam) It isn’t everything
(People screaming your name) I swear it isn’t everything
(The demands) It isn’t everything