Pressurelicious - Megan Thee Stallion Feat. Future

PressureliciousMegan Thee Stallion Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
Spend that sh*t, I’m worth it (Hmm)
Thick, look better in person (Mmm)
Hair, nails, match my Birkin (Yeah)
I don’t block h*es, keep lurking, ah

Real hot girl sh*t (Yeah, yeah)
This pu**y bomb (Yeah), explosive (Baow)
It’s soaking (Ah), osmosis (Mwah)
I’m stompin’ on h*es so muhf**kin’ hard,

I’m knockin’ out Mario tokens (Baow, baow, baow)
Your b*tch, she regular (Yeah), I’m hot, be careful (Ha, tss, ha)
She average (Yeah), I’m pressure, yeah (I’m pressure)

I’m pressure, I’m pressurelicious, yeah (Mwah)
I’m pressure, I’m pressure, I’m pressurelicious, yеah
She pressurelicious and I cravе her
Take a picture of my bag, now these b*tches pressed to get

it (Now these b*tches pressed to get it)
Take a picture, shake my ass, now your ni**a pressed to hit it,
pressurelicious (Baow, baow, baow, baow, pressurelicious)

If it’s worth it, I’m booking a jet
If it’s worth it, I’m spending a check
I done broke out a sweat tryna put the whole thing in your chest
When we f**kin’, we makin’ a mess, yes

Back stroke, left stroke, deep stroke, your throat
Slow stroke, shawty know that’s a go
Ayy, he know I’m really square business
I pull up, the AMG tinted

Workin’ him out, he sweatin’ like it’s been hours, it only been a few minutes
He say he toxic, I said, “Okay, well, I’m poison,” spit in my mouth, I enjoy it
Talk my sh*t, I’ma pull a him on him, don’t play, I am not one of them (Ah)

Megan Thee Stallion Feat. Future