Power Steering - Lloyd Banks Feat. Jadakiss,Living Proof - Lloyd Banks Feat. Benny The Butcher

Power SteeringLloyd Banks Feat. Jadakiss

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, camouflage arms for sneak approaches
Can’t defy eyes, don’t keep the focus
Ni**a, ain’t no more punchlines, I keep explosives
Monkey see, monkey do, MC hypnosis

You’ll have an army as long as you feed the soldiers
Standing on top of my opps for sneaker poses
Make it, then push a few buttons, release the vultures
Twenty plane seats with street diplomas

Handle your destiny solo, decrease the middlemen
Wake up, pray, and get to it, repeat that sh*t again
Can my dog go to Heaven? At least consider him
I knew he’s ten slots under a decent citizen

It’s a punk’s prime, real ones keep diminishing
Poverty hits hard, knock off of your equilibrium
I ain’t going nowhere as long as I keep delivering
They know I’m back out harder than keep from trembling (Yeah)

Money bags holding up the ceiling (Uh)
Anything to do to make a million (Yeah)
Can anybody tell me why we building? (Uh)
Think I really care ’bout how you feeling? (Nah)

This time around, I’ma make a killing (Killing)
And when I’m gone, leave it to my children (Children)
Haters mouthing off, I don’t hear ’em (Nah)
Leave him through it all, power steering (Haha)