POPULOUR - Daylyt Feat. Ab-Soul

POPULOURDaylyt Feat. Ab-Soul

Quotable Lyrics:
Yes we on lit AUDEMARS flex
I’m ball out stack drops pops a Rolex
I’m out of my mind .. go flex
I a lot of chains lots of jewels lots of gold specs

Yes we all lit bout to go flex
Yes we all lit about to go flex
I’m out of my mind .. Chained up
I’m out of my mind .. chained up

I bought a Bentley and left it on empty
Simply because I can b*tch I’m the man
I ain’t stress off the gwop get green with out the guac
25 Honda’s on my neck I guess it cost a lot
I am nothing like y’all goofs who set by the floor

Not afraid of the exist the spook who sat by the door
Quill tell it you ni**as overzealous for fame
That’s a Snapple hey
A show in knew your .. I’m getting Apple Pay
I monetize all of my dollars signs I got in line
And hit ’em with a lot of lines

And y’all did a lot of lying
The truth if u act like a dufus on the dotted line
Who knows how dope you could of been, you should of been