Poppin Sh*t - NBA Youngboy Feat. Jaz

Poppin Sh*tNBA Youngboy Feat. Jaz

Quotable Lyrics:
Poppin sh*t, Balenciaga (Hmm, yeah)
I’m the sh*t, I’m the topic (Hmm, yeah)
Long hair like Rapunzel, make sure my heart never fades
Singin’ to the thunder (Hmm-mm-mm)

Singin’ to the thunder, stayin’ strong through the rain
Switched up for that bag, but can’t get mad, ’cause I won’t change
Four-door matte black Jag as I smash through the lanes, huh
I know that sh*t sad but I fall back cause all it lame

Poppin’ sh*t, lovin’ how you look in all that Dior
Millions blood, what she want, I get it for
Diamonds hittin’, they on galore, took off, hit this b*tch, oh, Lord
I’m the sh*t, I know they know it, pop your sh*t, I’m out here for it

Take off them things that I’m actin’, I’m in it, I’m in this b*tch, I know Lil’ Top
My only girl, you know my ma’, you know my hustle’ll never stop
You know my grind’ll never flop, see all these foreigns that’s at my house
That hatin’ sh*t, I make it stop, whip out that bag like, “Close your mouth”

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