Movie Star - Jack Harlow Feat. Pharrell,Churchill Downs - Jack Harlow Feat. Drake, First Class - Jack Harlow

PoisonJack Harlow Feat. Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics:
Listen to ’em, but you never trust ’em
Entertain ’em, but you never f**k ’em
You went and got that wax for nothin’
Enjoyin’ the attention, but don’t need a husband

But maybe someone
It’s been too many nights since you had a fun one
You got a comfort zone you tryna run from
They call you quiet, but they don’t know where you come from
Ooh, ooh, ooh, you got so much poise
In a room full of people makin’ so much noise
I wanna bring you ’round my boys, I wanna listen to your voice

I wanna treat you to some things that you’d enjoy
Don’t be anxious, I got you
Yeah, they fine, but they not you
You a catch and I caught you
I wanna pull up and flaunt you and take some pics for Getty Images
I like all your beauty marks and blemishes

Girl, you’re poison, poison, poison, poison
But the good kind
It’s crazy how you’re on my mind
Kind of crazy how you’re on my mind