Players - Coi Leray

PlayersCoi Leray

Quotable Lyrics:
What you know ’bout livin’ in the top?
Penthouse suites, lookin’ down on the opps
Took him for a test drive, left him on the lot
Time is money so I spent it on a watch, hol’ on

Lil’ titties showin’ through the white tee
You can see the thong bussin’ out my tight jeans (Okay)
Rocks on my fingers like a ni**a wifed me
Got another chérie? She ain’t nothin’ like me (Yeah)

‘Bout to catch another flight (Yeah)
The apple bottom make him wanna bite (Yeah)
I just wanna have a good night
I just wanna have a good night (Hold up)

If you don’t know, now you know
If he broke then you gotta let him know
You could have anybody, eeny, miny, moe
‘Cause when you a boss, you could do what you want / New Music Release

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