Playa - NAV Feat. Gunna,Reset - NAV Feat. Bryson Tiller

PlayaNAV Feat. Gunna

Quotable Lyrics:
Rick Owen lens (Player)
Who there hoppin’ out the Benz? (Player)
Ooh, I’m f**kin’ on her friends
Two, I pull up with twins (Slatt)

Mink flow, she on her shins (Player)
Deepthroat, I’m goin’ in (Player)
My crew done f**ked all of her friends (Player)
We here so they know to come in

Rich ni**a stunts like my b*tch,
spread the new ‘Bach-‘Bach truck
Gunna, look what you did (Look at it)
Too many h*es to be showin’ me,
too many love gettin’ too much of this d*ck

Too many shows, I been takin’ like too many drugs
I’m like, “F**k it, I’m lit,” soon as I bust, told her, “Split”
She looked at my face, like, “You son of a b*tch”

Mix Codeine and soda like cheese in the grits
I told her come over, she wanna get hit
I bend that sh*t over and choke on my other h*e, lickin’ her clit

I’m in and out like a stitch
My d*ck like a drug, get a fix
Gave her a dub, but I’m far from a trick
Throw that sh*t up and I swear I won’t miss