Piano Love - Conway The Machine Produced by The Alchemist

Piano LoveConway The Machine Produced by The Alchemist

Quotable Lyrics:
Bought my b*tch the Chanel jacket with the big Chanel bag
Sneak the hammer in the club, the realest b*tch I ever had (Ah)
My plug like Lulu, give me whatever I ask
Bucket low like Ace Boogie, I re-up two hundred cash (Hah)
Richest ni**a in my city, got my neck on, Rick the Ruler (Yeah)
Press box at all the games, sittin’ next to the Pegulas (Talk your sh*t, king)
Came up with them brick sellers, and them hundred pound movers (Ah)
I just made another play and bought a FN for my shooters, ni**a, yeah