Phenomenal - Money Man

PhenomenalMoney Man

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m blowing out THC particles, they know I fly like a cardinal (yeah)
I swear her pu**y phenomenal, everything we do phenomenal
We was down, now we way up
All these P’s gettin’ weighed up
Flavors a lotta variety, gotta burn for anxiety
Italian handmade fabric, cross you out like a Catholic (yeah)
Real El Baton fanatic, and I re-up with Hispanics

Ni**a want smoke with us, it can get crucial
I was in the hood eatin’ on noodles
Nothin’ but real ni**a in my veins
I’m in that Redeye swervin’ in and out of lanes

F&N I’m bringin’ ni**a family pain
Face shots will leave your hеad rearranged
I’m vegan, shе cookin’ me vegetables
When she suck me, it feel so exceptional
I get high like an extraterrestrial

Loyalty I expect from you
If you rock for the gang, then I honor you
Pour one out for the gang, then I honor you
If I call you my twin, we equivalent
Ride with the AR, you know that I’m militant
Been on tour we ain’t f**ked in a month or two

Baby girl you know a ni**a be missin’ it
Know we talkin’ a lot cause they listenin’,
certified ni**as know I’m legitimate
Love the Circle, my love for them infinite

Ni**as broke, and they money be plummeting
Send the loud to my crib, I be dumpin’ em’
Ni**a run up in this b*tch, and I’m slumpin’ him
Made a pillow with hundreds, it’s comforting
Pullin’ b*tches with ease, cause I’m confident