Pg Baby - Redveil & Denzel Curry

Pg BabyRedveil & Denzel Curry

Quotable Lyrics:
Keep them trucks up on the railing just a little bit longer
Landing make you stronger
Skin to skin with everything I pondered
So we don’t take dishonor for that

Run up my commas, out the way and it won’t be a problem
All my brothers climbing, we repellent to the bottom
Every second spent to never have another autumn
That was back when everyday was solemn

Now they falling under me, I’m leading every column
Meter doing jumping jacks, I’m leaning on the pedal
So much steam left on the asphalt, they fiending to say hello
Every season, I’ma blast off and reach that different level

Got my head up on a swivel and my hand close to the metal, get the medal
Bring it back to Largo, that P.G. baby never settle
Easy day to get him silent tryna meddle
‘Veil adjacent to the pot, you bet not touch it ’til it settle

And I’m hitting every shot, boy that’’s the f**king fundamentals
Push it with conviction, hit this mission on the code
If they said that ‘veil was missing, that sh*t fiction, on my soul
Ain’t no permission, I envision giving me a simple road
I’m gon’ take that trek alone, I’m gon’ get it back in gold

Never fitting in that mold
My reflection one-of-one, these ni**as sectioned into rows
My perception one-and-done, it’s to the next soon as you fold
I attest I’m at they neck, I’m right above they collarbone, uh
Yeah, look, alright, wait

B*tch, I can’t trip ’bout sh*t ’cause I’ve fallen
Better feed my kin if you think about calling
I can tell you ain’t about to win ’cause you stalling
I can tell you ain’t about to win, uh, wait / New Music Release

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