Difference Is - Lil Durk Feat. Summer Walker,Petty Too - Lil Durk Feat. Future

Petty TooLil Durk Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
He got caught with a b*tch I hit like twice, but I denied
I put my lil’ b*tch on him, he thinking with his d*ck, so he gon’ slide
You can’t call me petty, me, I share my b*tches with the guys
I got b*tches who I f**k and they got names, but I can’t brag
I’m a heavy hitter, you wanna fly out your friend, you better be ready with her
B*tches cool, they never put me on blast ’cause I’m not petty with them
I did a show five hundred thou’, ask Bands, I got my Patek bigger
Back to Miami, got her ass on fleek, she got her panties bigger