Perc 10 - NBA YoungBoy

Perc 10NBA YoungBoy

Quotable Lyrics: Perc 10NBA YoungBoy

My heart cherish, please don’t sell it or try hide it
Your love take me the highest, narcotics, I’m tryna top it
Police tryna stop it, he fresher than a motherf**ker
But he ain’t been doin’ nothin’ wrong, the only thing,

he totin’ that thirty burner
This for my brothers who in the slums everyday
Tryna prepare for pain ’cause more heart break is on the way
Up in public, we get it on smokin’, shootin’ heroine broad day
In thе heart of Atlanta, Baba screamin’, “4K Trey” (4K Trеy)

Big money in (Woah), she just took a ten on the way (On the way)
Them Perkies poppin’ out her body, I’m on trey (I’m on three)
And my pocket money hard like some clay (I’m just on)
And you know we rollin’ hard, let it spray

Thuggin’ these h*es but I guess my heart decided
I just wan’ be with you, ’cause really I been out here wildin’
Steady been out here slidin’, catch him, put them hallows in his body
Livin’ grimy, burglaries bein’ committed by his partners

F**k what they say, I’m askin’ you, baby, is it really love?
All my ni**as, they right outside, I’m goin’ out all out behind you
Tote that Glock, I been moppin’ with my thugs
I’m gone off them Xans, I couldn’t remind you (Let’s go), oh, I had to find you

Like where you been at? In that North, I’m pluggin’ out the socket
Right outside the house, got youngins itchin’, tryna blow they rocket
Smokers tryna come and jump the fences, told my ni**as,
“Stop it” Granny on the porch, so switch yo’ swag ’cause you know she watchin’