Key Glock And Young Dolph Define Memphis Rap With Dum & Dummer 2, Is that you up there? Keep tellin’ God, “Keep blessin’ me?” M’s on M’s, but I keep that FN right next to me I come from shit, that’s why I ball on them so heavily Stack it, flip it, stack it again, that’s my recipe, Penguins - Key Glock & Young Dolph,Yeeh Yeeh - Young Dolph,Sleep With The Roaches - Key Glock & Young Dolph, Aspen - Young Dolph & Key Glock

PenguinsKey Glock & Young Dolph

Quotable Lyrics:
I went to school with a bowl, before lunchtime, I had it sold
I ain’t surprised that boy a rat, I remember, eleventh grade, he told
Had all the bitches doing my work for me, was too busy sellin’ O’s