Park South (Freestyle) - Jake Paul

Park South (Freestyle) – Jake Paul

Quotable Lyrics: Park South (Freestyle) – Jake Paul

Used to have to with that hatchback, we was hangin’ off Parkway
How the f*ck we on Parksouth? It’s a quarter mile to my driveway
Got money comin’ in five ways, I ain’t slept in like five days
I just landed in the U.K., had to switch the Richard for the time change
Know the lifestyle make her eyes gaze when she see the money comin’ in
Lil’ Jake had to duck a blick charge, get a lawyer, that’s another M

Twin Lambs in the front yard and the Cullinan got the models in
M.I.A., we in Liv’ for the night, tell Grutman, “Bring the bottles in”
I ain’t never had a Ghost, unless it’s a Rolls and they bringin’ writers in
I could give you boys discounts like the holidays, got a lot of pens
Y’all goin’ out while I’m goin’ in, I ain’t leavin’, got a lot of plans
She love the way that my diamonds dance and this VV smile cost a lot of bands