Paris To Tokyo - Fivio Foreign Feat. The Kid LAROI

Paris To TokyoFivio Foreign Feat. The Kid LAROI

Quotable Lyrics:
Walk in the store, get whatever you want (Whatever)
That’s my b*tch (Oh, yeah)
Paris, Tokyo, London (Uh), I took her on all of my trips (All)
I try to show you what’s real (Yeah)

You ain’t like them other h*es I hit (No, no)
I introduce you to real
Baby, ain’t nobody else like this (Oh, no)
Off of the liquor, I reminisce, Hennessey up in my system (I’m waitin’)

Bae, I’m a player, I f**k up a lot, but it ain’t the same when I’m with them (You)
Uh, baby, you different, uh, or maybe I’m trippin’ (For real)
If I lost it all tomorrow, tell me (Tell), would you still be with me? (Woah-oh, huh)

Whenever I see her, she comin’ horny (Uh)
Everybody know I’m in love with shorty
I ain’t none of them ni**as that come before me
She was with me back when I was young and corny

If I tell her I need her, she comin’ for me
When she stare at it, it feel like there’s somethin’ on me
Made me feel like these b*tches got nothin’ for me
She don’t want me to have it (Nah, have it)

She a h*e in mind (Uh, baow)
If we ever get pulled over with the chop’
She takin’ the charge and the whole nine
I don’t really know why, I met her in ’09
I was lit, she was curvin’ the whole time

They was thinkin’ she payin’ me no mind
But I knew I would have her in no time (Woo)
Livin’ reckless, huh (Livin’ reckless)
In the crib, drinkin’ and walkin’ ’round naked

We order a piña colada for breakfast (Woo, woo)
And we sexin’, huh (We sexin’)
No Instagram, no textin’
Turn off the light, and I f**k her to Netflix (Woo)