Palm Trees - Wiz Khalifa

Palm Trees – Wiz Khalifa

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Quotable Lyrics: Palm Trees – Wiz Khalifa

n***as wanna stop me like the Nazi
Getting money like Illuminati
Look up and see the palm trees, f**k everybody
Palm trees, f**k everybody

All I see is the money, buried over the struggle
I know religion got me, too cheap to sell my soul though
So f**k every commy, palm trees
f**k everybody, palm trees

Clearly these n***as can’t see me like black & white TV
So pretend that you hear me like Stevie
Let’s call it, leave and f**k you
We’ve been discussing our salary
You chiefin, pass the blunt
Pray that you live, have a dissy
Tires screeching, swerving paparazzi
I could have relieve in 91 gas from Chevron, Rolls Royce like Heron
Warrior, like Cleon; girls, they like to cling on
Give em hard d**k one time then that boy gone
I hot box Ferrari to my latest songs, H Crown, did 5, glad my n***a made it home