PAIN! - Sheck Wes

PAIN!Sheck Wes

Quotable Lyrics:
Pressure (B*tch), pressure (Yeah, b*tch)
Pressure (B*tch), pressure (Yeah, b*tch)
Pressure (Ow), yeah, yeah (B*tch)
Pressure (B*tch), pressure (Yeah, b*tch)

Pressure, pressure (B*tch)
Pressure, pressure (Yeah, b*tch, ow)
I’m smokin’ pain, I’m smokin’ pressure (B*tch)
My b*tch is pressure (B*tch), my bitch is better (Yeah, b*tch)

I make it rain (Ow), I’m David Guetta (David Guetta)
I’m from the slums (B*tch), I’m from the ghetto
Your bitch a slut (Yeah), I wore it wetter (Mm-mm)
I wood it better (Mm-mm), not for the pleasure (B*tch, damn)

I got a t-shirt (Damn), get her better (Get her)
Heard you got some sins to confess, b*tch (Yeah)
Pull up on Sheck Jesus, you’ll get blessed, b*tch (B*tch)
Maoda on my rider, buzzins on my guest list (Buzza)

Sheck Wes flexed up on her, sex up on his next b*tch (F**k Her)
I’m from Harlem World where they really vampin’ (B*tch)
My boy servin’ fiends ’til his hands crampin’ (Yeah)
I be smokin’ weed, gettin’ hella high, b*tch