Pain - Muni Long

PainMuni Long

Quotable Lyrics:
Why is it so hard to keep it real?
And why don’t you just tell me what you feel? Oh why?
Want a homie, lover, friend
Someone who’s genuine
So if you didn’t love me, baby, why would you pretend?

If you knew me back then (Back then)
You don’t know me now (You don’t know me now)
Things are different, and let me show you how

I’m not the same, I’ve changed
And you feel that pain, I hope you do
And when you do, I’m telling you

That’s that pain (That pain)
That’s that pain (That pain)
Do you feel that pain?
That pain, oh, oh (Oh, no)

That’s that pain (I know)
Do you feel that pain? (Know, oh)
I hope you cry
Hope it cross your mind least once a day

Pain – Muni Long