Pain Killers - Key Glock

Pain KillersKey Glock

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I’m a made ni**a (Huh), self-made ni**a (Yeah)
Always been a hustler, all I know is get paid, ni**a (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, you know my name, it’s on my waist, put it in your face, ni**a (Boom, boom, boom)
I’m cutthroat to the bone, don’t call me slime, ’cause I ain’t no snake, ni**a (Uh-uh)

Yeah, I ran it up, but somehow I still hang with gravediggers (Ayy, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, you know what’s up (What’s up), a multi-million-dollar gang member (Gang)
These ni**as, they be gossipin’ like b*tches, I can’t hang with ’em
And I ain’t got no feelings, I will pop you like a pain killer (Baow, baow, baow, baow) / New Music Release

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