Paddington Freestyle - Russ

Paddington FreestyleRuss

Quotable Lyrics:
Everything sounding stale it’s time to freshen up (For real)
Y’all got skill, but I can y’all not obsessed enough
I don’t flex enough, add to cart, spent 300K on art

My catalogue’s a money tree, tell Sotheby’s this just the start
I got too pure of a heart, that’s why I’m good on y’all
I’m playin’ ’til my hair is fallin’ out

Like watching Drew Gooden ball (Ha!)
Zero to ninety in a flash, tore my calf
From runnin’ so many businesses, fuck it tho, get the cash

I’m past the point where y’alls opinions hold weight
Although I still be tryin’ to fight back like I’m José
My jewellers threw those yellow diamonds to my neck
That’s a cold play

Inside of my universe, me and God like to role-play
My whole career’s been a road game
The boos fucked me up but now my tolerance is so great (Yeah)
.08, became my flow state, it’s blissful

They not who they think they are, at best these dudes is wishful
Hits I gotta list full, and I’m still addin’
Cops switchin’ up their words, speaking Pig Latin

I been rappin’, y’all are late, they screamin’ “We want Russ”
Keep my exes out my space, like I’m Elon Musk
My trajectories a rocket