Pacer - Doechii


“Pacer” by rising Tampa Bay-based artist Doechii. This is an energetic and upbeat hip-hop track that exudes confidence and swagger. The lyrics of “Pacer” showcase Doechii’s confident and assertive style, with the rapper delivering hard-hitting lines over the energetic production by Saint 808. The track’s three-minute duration is filled with intense moments, as Doechii channels her inner rockstar and robot.

With a catchy beat and Doechii’s confident delivery, the song is all about setting the pace and being in control. It’s a celebration of self-assuredness and determination, and Doechii’s charismatic presence shines through in the track. This song is a great addition to any playlist when you’re looking for a boost of motivation and self-assurance, and it showcases Doechii’s talent for crafting catchy and empowering hip-hop music. / New Music Release

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