Own My Masters - JackBoy

Own My Masters – JackBoy

Quotable Lyrics: Own My Masters – JackBoy

I done ran up a check, now I’m the one b*tches chase after
All these chains on my neck, I’m not a slave, I own my masters
I got that bread and stacked it up
It get put on your head, might start whacking stuff
I got her head and fell in love
She eat up that d*ck, ain’t no letting up

This is not a Corvette, my Aventador go way faster
I could flex on my ex, it ain’t hard to see my new b*tch badder
I got ’em hating that I leveled up
But I’m rich, so no, I do not give a f*ck
Everywhere that I step, it’s a pistol tucked
Send one of your ni**as to get one up

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