Overhead - Chief Keef

OverheadChief Keef

Quotable Lyrics:
I pop up in the middle of a hot block (Block, GBE baby)
In the drop top, play hopscotch on them h*es (Hopscotch)
She actin’ crazy up a big nut on them h*e (Frrr)
Got the semi and got my Glock on them h*e (Bang, bang)
Wide body come and kill a h*e in the parking lot (Du-du-duh)
Mob sh*t, lose your life over a parking spot (Du-du-duh)

Trap real motherf**king stong Juggernaut (Skuduskrr)
Beam on your head make you fall off the top
Maid come to clean my house ’cause I like it neat
Told her she a good girl she like ‘I’m a freak’ (Ayy, ayy)
And I’m smoking O’s like one day that’s my Capisce (Ayy ayy)
She jump the 8 feet, b*tch said I like it speed (Skrt skrt skrt)

Sit in a lamborghini and set it on folks (Ayy, Ayy, Ayy)
I just want a new motherf**king bankroll (Ayy)
Brand new Rolls Royce for the skank h*es (Skuduskrr, Skuduskrr)
We was having fun b*tch we play with dracos (Du-Du-Duh)
Pu**y couldn’t even do a hit ’cause he was scared (Nah)
Up the f**king beam and then place it on your head (Bang, bang)
Hold it on your head like a f**king overhead (Bang)
Gotta count the racks before I f**king go to bed (Gang, Gang)