Outside - Young Devyn Feat. Fivio Foreign

OutsideYoung Devyn Feat. Fivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics:
I don’t gotta talk much
You puttin’ up work but you claimin’ you bossed up (How?)
See, I’m from the jungle, gutter, and the field,
but I promise I never been crossed up (Nah)

But my hundreds is blue like we all cuz’,
ain’t no smoke when they see me, it’s all sucks
If I catch another guy from the other side,
if it’s up, then we all stuck (Grrt, baow, baow, baow)
Gang-gang gon’ move ’em like Jagger (Skrrt)

He’ll group but he do it right after (Woo)
One-two woo and my eater gon’ bash ’em
Thought you was tough because you came a rapper
Wait, put that kid on the pathment

If I don’t got it, brodie put the bag up (Grr)
Cop me some diamonds, piggy want Alaska
He don’t like nothin’, Virgil gettin’ packed up, listen (Hol’ up)