Westside Boogie, Joey Bada$$

Outside – Westside Boogie Feat. Joey Bada$$

Quotable Lyrics: Outside – Westside Boogie Feat. Joey Bada$$

I been wantin’ the smoke when my auntie was on dope
Got a bed that’s full of bodies, got a closet full of ghosts, mm
Yeah, I’m cool with rappers, ni**as actin’ like we close
Sh*t, I’m the greatest on the coast and ni**as thought I knew the Pope, mm
Blessed me with the hands that’s catchin’ all these ni**as’ fans, uh
‘Posed to be your mans, damn, my ni**a, you got scammed, uh

Funny that I’m standin’ with the dude who made Stan
But never treat me like the fan, ’cause what I am, what I am
Whatever you say I am, sh*t, if I was interested
Why would I say I am sh*t?
And the, the radio don’t even play my jam
I give no damn, I’m in Bompton with the fam’