Outside - Bryson Tiller

OutsideBryson Tiller

Quotable Lyrics:
White nail polish, ten toes down

Look back at it, shawty, don’t look down
Tattoo peakin’ through the see-through
(Damn, yeah)
Body critical, ICU
I see you

Used to be in love, now you’re like, “F**k Cupid”
Hate to be your ex, know that ni**a feel stupid
Thumbin’ through the ‘Gram, tryna figure out where you been

All he need to know is that you’re outside
Watchin’ real time while you’re too live
Easily adjusted to your new life
Since you let loose, he been too tight

No plans to unknown plans
You don’t need a man, you got your own bands
No kid money, these grown bands

Had to wake ’em up, they sleepin’
Pu**y so good, gotta sleep in it
Arch your back and knees in
Bring ’em in

I never get enough, never get enough
I never get enough, never get enough