In my lifetime - Logic Feat. Action Bronson,Orville - Logic Feat. LIKE, Blu, Exile

OrvilleLogic Feat. LIKE, Blu, Exile

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayo, what’s the deal? Mind too active, can’t sit still
I kinda feel like I just took a limitless pill
I’m Captain Mercer on the beat, watch me murder the Krill
That’s a sci-fi reference, nerd sh*t my preference
Family is the only thing that mattеrs, b*tch, I’m Stefan
I can’t believе at first sight you thought I was Steve

B*tch, I’ll orphan you, shapeshift and morph into your mom
Slit your throat and make it look like she’s the one that committed the crime
You know I’m too committed to rhyme since my first show in Chicago
Never throwin’ shade, we keepin’ it light like vitiligo
Chain around my neck glisten like El Dorado
Can’t f**k b*tches with baggage, you married a h*e with cargo
B*tches be jumpin’ ship, word to Argo
If you don’t understand that line, no need for an apology
You stupid motherf**ker, I’m referencin’ Greek mythology

I never went to college, B
And made millions while you pissed like you majored in urology
Now logically, I’m the top MC
How dare you got the nerve to bring that weak sh*t, neuropathy
Ain’t no stoppin’ me
Even if you stand on my grave, you’re never toppin’ me

Down, down, that’s how we get down
Down, yeah, yeah, you know get down
Pick the mic up and then we get down, down
So high up that it’s down